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Rental, onsite repair, and sales of studio camera stands.

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7ft and 9ft <br>Cambo UST stands

7ft and 9ft
Cambo UST stands

On-site service <br>and repairs

On-site service
and repairs

Cambo studio stands for sale

Cambo studio stands for sale

Meet ‘Stan’

John Reynolds (‘Stan’) has been a commercial photographer for the last 25 years working with a wide range of clients.

He’s has been renting, repairing and supplying Cambo stands since 2011. He knows how the industry works and how to fulfil your exact requirements.

  • Old Stan’s pleased as punch to have rescued this 35 year old #Foba stand from the great studio in the sky! We replaced a totally worn out column, all of the bearings and manufactured a bespoke steel counterweight cable to replace the rotten rope. We re-balanced the counterweight to make it less of a work out and more appropriate for todays lighter digital cameras, and its owners, a very successful ecommerce and marketing studio are pretty pleased they didn’t have to spend £8000 on a new one too. #repairreuserecycle #fobarepair #thecambostaneffect #bespokestudioengineering #yeswecan #eveniftheydontmakethepartsanymore #bts #grip #londonstilllife #ecommercephotography
  • It was a bright and breezy start for old Stan this morning. With the threat of Snow looming we got up especially early to guarantee the delivery and installation of one of out 9ft rental stands into it’s toasty new home for the next three days!
#cambostan #ablokeyoucantrust #camborental #cambostand #sturdyandreliable #solidanddependable #grip #griphire #bts #thecalmbeforethesnowstorm #yeswecan
  • It may be the Sabbath, but it’s business as usual for old Stan.
We are very pleased and proud to have installed one of our reconditioned cambo ust studio stands into its new home, a marvellous East London advertising studio. #solidanddependable #sturdyandreliable #advertisingphotography #bts #setlife #sleepwhenyouredead #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #repairreuserecycle #yeswecan
  • And over to E14 to collect this little beauty! #camborental #stopframeanimation #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #bts #setlife #yeswecan
  • Old Stan was up early this morning to personally install one of our trusty rental cambo beauties in this fine North West London studio.
#9ftcambostandrental #camboust #camborental #solidanddependable #sturdyandreliable #griphire #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #yeswecan
  • It was lovely to see one of our refurbished stands again yesterday. We were asked to move it to its new home, a brand new studio space at the Imperial War Museum, London. #standmovingservice #safeandsound #yeswecan
  • Today we returned the largest, heaviest studio stand we’ve ever worked on. It’s a 20 year old Foba stand and #Foba no longer make the parts for this. The column carriage rotation had completely seized up and the base wouldn’t lock down properly. We were able to have all the necessary parts manufactured in order to return it to full working order, for its owner, a very successful #london #foodphotographer #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #repairreuserecycle #bespokeengineeringsolutions #bts #setlife #goshthatwasheavy #yeswecan
  • This week saw another #cambo #ust #studiostand restored to its former glory, in order to provide solid support for its owner, an eminent London food photographer. #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #solidanddependable #sturdyandreliable #camborepair #bts #setlife #yeswecan
  • One of our #rental #cambo #beauties all installed and ready for #mondaymorning #griphire #solidanddependable #sturdyandreliable #grip #bts #setlife #yeswecan
  • It’s been a busy old week for our Stan, this morning saw the installation of this 9ft rental beauty, for one of London’s top food photographers. #abigproductionneedsabigstand #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #solidanddependable #sturdyandreliable #anywayanyhowanywhere #83sleeps #santaslittlehelper #bts #setlife #yeswecan
  • All installed, and waiting patiently for the morning #camborental #griphire #supportingthebeststudiosandimagemakersintheworld #yeswecan
  • We finished off a splendid day by installing one of our #cambo #rental #beauties in the boardroom of a large corporation for a food shoot happening this week.
Wherever you may need a studio stand, old Stan has you covered. #camborental #griphire #griprental #sturdyandreliable #solidanddependable #yeswecan

Renting a stand

We rent 9ft and 7ft Cambo UST studio stands to photographers, animators, filmmakers, studios, production companies and cultural organisations.

We are flexible and reliable, working to your exact requirements, we install each stand personally so you know it will arrive in full working order. Use the slider below to calculate the rate. All prices include delivery, installation and collection within Greater London.

Delivery to other UK locations is available, email for an estimate or to make a booking.

1 day in London
Rent a Cambo stand

Servicing and repairs

We complete Cambo accredited on-site repairs for many professional UK studios, often attending and repairing on the same day, or over the weekend to minimise down-time and disruption.

We carry original Cambo parts in stock and also work on Foba, IFF, Manfrotto, Inka and Fatif studio camera stands. We are used to working in studio environments and are professional, polite and courteous to all.

Enquire today

Buying a stand

Selling both new and reconditioned Cambo UST Camera stands and accessories. Our reconditioned equipment comes with a three month guarantee for your complete peace of mind. Major credit cards accepted.

We have a wide range of original Cambo stands and accessories available. If you can’t see what you need listed here or in our ebay shop, then please do get in touch as it’s likely we’ll have exactly what you need.

Here are some popular products we generally hold in stock.

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Selling your stand

Let us take all the hassle out of selling your Cambo Stand. Whether your stand is fully working or not, we collect and pay promptly. Simply email some clear images and a brief description to and we’ll get right back to you.

  • ‘The service received by Studio Stands is second to none! John is efficient, respectful, flexible and competitive! The kit provided is always of the best quality and when servicing our in-house equipment, his work is always of the highest standard!’

    Robert Peck, Head of Lighting, Big Sky Studios, London

  • ‘John at Studio Stands always provides a friendly, professional service and can be called upon at short notice for either a repair or rental of his brilliant Cambo stands. He is a pleasure to work with and quick to respond to requests or queries. When I have a big advertising job that requires a Cambo stand on location he is on speed dial and is a trusted supplier.’

    Gareth Morgans, Photographer and Director, London

  • ‘John's the nicest guy, very professional and made the whole thing easy when I was very busy. A trustworthy and honest chap. Amazing work, my Foba stand is now like new. ’

    Myles New, Photographer and Director, London

  • ‘Our Cambo Stand had done a lot of milage and needed some TLC. John (Cambo Stan) had it up and running as good as new in no time, replacing worn parts and balancing the weights for easier use. Our Cambo Stand is one of the most important parts of our kit, in constant daily use. We would highly recommend Cambo Stan to keep your Cambo Stand moving!’

    Danielle Wood, Photographer and Director, London

  • ‘John is a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm, technical knowledge and attention to detail are second to none. His work is precise and reliable. We asked John to carry out on-site refurbishment of all of our Cambo Stands and his no fuss, professional attitude was greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to continue using his services.’

    Alec McGhie, Director, Street Studios, London

  • ‘John supplied us with 2 Cambo Stands for use in our studios in London and Duxford, he provided an excellent service both in terms of response of our requests and delivery/set-up of equipment.’

    Richard Bayford, Head of Department; Visual Resources Imperial War Museums, London